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Community Dental offers numerous career opportunities for qualified applicants. We seek talented people who are passionate about becoming part of the mission, dental care and thrive in a team work environment.  Our employees come-first culture is supported through training, consistent communication and an outstanding benefits package. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Community Dental Team, click here to view all open positions and apply.

DentaQuest is a unique organization –  a family of four distinct entities all working towards achieving a single mission – to improve the oral health of all.

The four parts of DentaQuest – Benefits, Foundation, Institute and Care Group (Sarrell Regional Dental Center, Community Care of Kentucky, Community Dental Center, and Dental Health Services) – work alongside each other to advance and raise awareness about the importance of oral health and health equity.

DentaQuest, the largest oral health company in the Medicaid space, delivers integrated, value-based dental program management, serving millions of members across the country; the DentaQuest Foundation uses philanthropy and network development to drive lasting oral health improvement; the DentaQuest Institute is advancing research and knowledge, as well as teaching, progressive care and practice models; and the DentaQuest Care Group is dedicated to increasing access to care in underserved communities.

The healthcare industry is growing fast, and DentaQuest is growing right along with it. We are excited that you are considering joining our team.

 “At DentaQuest and its entities, Sarrell Regional Dental Center, Community Care of Kentucky, Community Dental Center, and Dental Health Services, we believe that everyone should live life free of dental disease. As a purpose-driven, double bottom line company that is improving oral health for everyone, we are transforming the oral health system – from the way we provide care and pay for it, to how we talk about it and prioritize it in our policies and communities. 

Meaningful change requires a revolution in oral health. We are redefining what it means to prevent disease and provide better access to care for everyone. We are going beyond the dental chair to reshape the oral health system, addressing total health and the social and cultural factors that impact it. 

To make this revolution a reality, we harness our unique reach and insights to advance policy, financing, care, and the community. That means solving problems in a flexible and efficient way, testing and trialing to create new solutions and delivering measurable outcomes for the people we serve.

The people of DentaQuest have a common purpose, and we work together with passion, perseverance and focus to achieve a nation where no child suffers from the pain of tooth decay. Where adults keep all their teeth for their entire lives. Where every person has access to quality dental care.”

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